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Georgous MILFs posing seductively for the camera, playing with their wet pussies, using all type of toys. You prefer to see them giving head or getting fucked? Whatever you are looking for, all the MILF kink that you could think of, FTV MILFS will serve you! Enjoy the amazing photography, highest quality videos and the hottest kinky MILFs on earth!

Latest Video Updates

October 18th, 2016

FTV Milfs - Alexis

She's a beautiful, sensual and openly friendly blonde with a fit tight Alexis Malone! We meet Alexis on a sunny morning as she unpacks, going through her panties and choosing some things she'd like to try on. She is wearing her workout clothes, and mentions that she tries to work out at least 3 or 4 times a week which explains her tight strong athletic body. We see her stretch out and slip out of her stretch pants and sports bra, laying on the couch to tease her clit and pleasure her ...


October 11th, 2016

FTV Milfs - Sovereign

She's a gorgeous mature woman with an exhibitionist streak, and is ready to have some fun! We meet up with beautiful brunette Sovereign Syre as she relaxes on a warm summer day in a thin flowing dress...she loves the thrill of possibly getting caught being naughty in public and isn't wearing any panties, which she shows as she spreads her legs and starts playing with her privates right on a public bench! She talks about her masturbation habits and apparently she plays with herself sometimes 4 or ...

October 04th, 2016

FTV Milfs - Lexi

Meeting beautiful statuesque blonde Lexi she immediately stands out from the crowd, especially when she pulls her shirt down to reveal her large breasts in public! She's a Welsh beauty who loves to show off and has a magnetic charismatic personality to go along with her amazing mature voluptuous body (and cute accent). From daring public flashing by a busy street she heads to the park so she can still enjoy the sunshine on her skin without feeling QUITE so exposed. We see her flashing some more, ...

September 27th, 2016

FTV Milfs - Inna

Meeting up with Greek beauty Inna in a public outdoor office area the first thing we notice is how amazing her sexy fit body looks in her stretchy top and tight skirt! The next thing is probably her gorgeous smile, you can immediately see that she's got a fun, magnetic, charismatic personality in everything she does. Inna is a stunning Greek MILF who is experiencing many things for the first time in this shoot, including daring public nudity! After some flashing and getting completely naked, ...

September 22nd, 2016

FTV Milfs - Silvia

When we are introduced to Silvia she's in the kitchen busy going through some of the photos from her own earlier shoot...from the smile on her face we can see she's enjoying the view! We hear a knock on the door announcing the arrival of Silvia's friend for the day but she says she's not ready to meet him yet, she wants to have a little fun by herself first - and especially to try out the famous VibraKing toy she had heard so much about! She gives her pretty private parts a nice buzzing, ...

September 13th, 2016

FTV Milfs - Aiden

The first thing you'll probably notice about beautiful mature Aiden Starr is that her very large breasts are already hanging out the top of her dress when we meet her by the outdoor fountains! We see her paying plenty of attention to them, too, as she drips saliva on her nipples and gives herself a hard breast massage right there in the open. She goes from breast massage to fingering, lifting up one leg on the bench and penetrating herself harder and harder...which also leads to some hot anal ...



September 06th, 2016

FTV Milfs - Janelle

She's a beautiful busty blonde who was excited to participate in her FTV experience and with her incredible body any man would love to take the journey along with her! We immediately see how sexy and desirable this beautiful blonde Janelle is as she gets ready in the bathroom, putting on a little makeup and talking about her flight in while wearing a skimpy black thong that showed her firm smooth butt to its best advantage. The star of the show though is her pair of huge firm round enhanced breasts, which she obviously loves to show off! Soon she's ready to shoot and is on the bed rubbing herself down for a hard breast massage, when we learn this is her first actual porn video she's shot...Janelle has done lots of glamour type modeling but nothing like this before. We see her masturbating with her fingers but she really wanted some vibration so she used her own personal magic wand toy until she had a strong natural orgasm...after a quick bagel break it was time to get to know her a little better as she talks about her ideal fantasy man, then she used a new toy for some more play. After some talk about her enjoyment of anal pleasure she tried out the Vibraking, buzzing her sensitive ...
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August 30th, 2016

FTV Milfs - Riley

We're introduced to beautiful Riley as she strolls among the tables at a restaurant in her torn jeans and tight top - note how perky those nipples are already - and we find out that despite having modeled for over a year, she has never shot solo before despite the fact that she's a daily masturbator! After meeting some pet pigs she heads inside and we see video of her photoshoot in the kitchen, slipping her tight jeans down over her butt. Next it's time for some toy play and she uses a glass ball toy, getting it wet with her mouth and lips and then penetrating herself with it as deep as she can go. Afterwards she wanted a vibrator and was introduced to the Vibraking, which she used for a long masturbation session with multiple orgasms...she lost count! She needed to cool down and rest so she got some ice, rubbing it over her breasts and making her gumdrop nipples even more perky than they already were. This turned into a nipple-licking hard breast massage as she squeezed them together, then she dumped a whole tray of icewater down her front! To warm up she got out in the sun - note how she enjoys rubbing her hands all over her body - before hopping in the pool to get all wet ...
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August 27th, 2016

FTV Milfs - Veronica

When we first see redhead stunner Veronica Avluv she's enjoying a glass of wine out in a public park wearing a long flowing dress that shows off her generous cleavage...she's an elegant classy woman with a magnificent body and we see how she likes to relax! She also has a very naughty streak which we see a glimpse of as she flashes her large breasts, pulling on her nipples for passersby to peek at. Next we see her in the kitchen washing up a carrot before penetrating herself with it for some kinky vegetable fun...and then moving to her ass for some anal penetration as well! We all see her preparing for some photos by dipping her breasts onto plates of candies, making what she called 'titty sprinkles'. Heading outdoors again we see her really getting into the multi toy penetration, using one toy in her ass and one in her vagina to stimulate her g-spot until she has multiple orgasms with mini squirting as it's time for lunch but first we're treated to a song as Veronica shows her talents singing about, well, titty sprinkles! After changing into a long red dress and heels it's time for more public fun as we see her using a toy to masturbate to a strong squirting orgasm ...
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August 23rd, 2016

FTV Milfs - Chanel

We see Chanel relaxing on the couch with her new guy friend as she talks about the kinds of things she enjoys sexually, whether it's in terms of masturbation or with a guy. Soon she and her man are kissing and we see her spread her legs so he can explore her privates with his fingers, then he presents her with the mighty Vibraking toy which...doesn't work at all, at first! It had a malfunction of some kind but soon it was back alive and up to its powerful tricks, bringing her to a nice strong orgasm before she took the guy by the hand and led him up to the bedroom. She took him in her mouth, sucking his cock and showing her deepthroat technique, using both hands as well as her lips and tongue to pleasure him...after he returned the favor licking her clit and making her squirm and moan with pleasure she showed her flexibility, spreading her legs wide open as he penetrated her deep! We see the two of them exploring each other, fucking in their favorite positions and experimenting with harder, rougher sex including choking and some slapping...finally Chanel brings the guy to a strong climax right into her mouth before the two of them head to the bathroom to clean up. Enjoy this sexual ...
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August 16th, 2016

FTV Milfs - Cameron

When we meet Cameron she's standing out looking over a wooded public area in her red dress, her pierced nipples clearly visible with the thin fabric...she's a busty blonde Las Vegas babe who came out to hang out and shoot with FTV MILFs and we immediately note her open, friendly, fun personality. We also notice of course those huge bouncy natural 36H breasts of hers, which she's quite proud of! Back indoors we see her change into a cute blue dress which makes it easy for her to lift up the hem and flash her juicy butt for fun. Next she's ready for some fun with toys so she uses her own glass to to penetrate herself, then introducing her vagina to the Vibraking which she uses along with the photographer's help to bring herself to a nice strong natural orgasm after a long masturbation session. We learn she is a fan of anal pleasure and next she uses a buttplug to show how she likes to take it. Soon she's rubbing her privates while the photographer slides his finger in and out of her ass (her idea!) so she could experience the simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration. Next up is her favorite personal toy which she calls 'big red', a thick dildo that she uses to masturbate to a sudden ...
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FTV Milfs - Lea

We meet Lea Lexis as she puts on a little makeup (not too much) getting ready for her shoot...we immediately note how strong of a personality this beautiful European woman has, with her strong accent she talks a little about herself with her pants pulled down to let her butt hang out! We next see her in the living room pulling on a sexy black dress that is tight enough to make it a challenge getting on over her curves, especially her juicy butt! Next it's time to head outdoors and we see Lea walking in her red high heel shoes in that black dress, pulling it up to play with her privates and letting the straps fall over her shoulders to reveal her breasts at the same time. They had to head inside because it started raining hard, so we next see her standing by the door listening to the rain and sliding her hands over her body, touching her privates and trying to wheedle a toy out of the photographer. She penetrates herself with a hard glass toy, enjoying the hooked end for g-spot stimulation...this gets her ready for the large clear toy, which takes some effort but she finally penetrates herself fully with it! At last we see her using the Vibraking toy and after some initial ...
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FTV Milfs - Nikki II

We meet beautiful busty blonde Nikki Diamond in the living room relaxing on the couch and we find out it's her very first shoot! As she fills out her paperwork she keeps her large soft firm breasts we seee her posing for her first photoshoot, then laying back on the couch to spread her legs and masturbate using her fingers to 'warm up' for some toys she has in mind. She ends up having an orgasm from her fingers - her first on camera ever! - and we can see her strong vaginal contractions afterwards. Next we see her spreading and playing with her butt, giving herself some anal penetration with her fingers before being introduced to the vintage Vibraking toy. She requested a large toy in her ass for anal pleasure as well though before being able to use the Vibraking so she asked her friend to help insert a huge toy in her ass. She wanted the large toy but we see that it's just a bit big so she sized down to the "small" toy, and we see the combination of anal and vaginal stimulation bring her to a quick orgasm...her friend assisted with more anal penetration and fingering, helping her gape as well. Next we see Nikki trying on some different outfits, settling on a flowing ...
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FTV Milfs - Krissy

When we first meet Krissy Lynn she's starting a photoshoot with the video camera rolling off to the side...we can see those big full firm breasts of hers that she has popping out of her top as she poses for the photographer, then she gives us a little tour of her pussy which is what she says is her favorite part of her body. She's a beautiful 30 year old who is enjoying the changes in her body as she matures, as she figures out more about her body and what makes her tick. After a little bit we hear a knock at the door and Krissy goes to welcome in her man for the day...she had seen him on the site before and special-requested his 'services' and when he showed up the sparks were flying immediately! We see her get on her knees to give him oral pleasure, using her entire body to work him up and down...note how soft her breasts look as he slides his cock between them while she sucks him. He brought along the vintage Vibraking toy for her to use and she buzzed herself with it, bringing her to a quick strong orgasm to start her off! As a thank-you for the toy she pushed him back and rode on top, taking him deep inside and riding him hard - note how those big firm breasts go for a bouncy ...
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FTV Milfs - Lynn

She's a beautiful, energetic, and very fit freckle-speckled MILF who is excited to shoot for FTV and has an amazing body! When we're introduced to Lynn she's just arrived from the airport at night and is going through her luggage getting ready for her shoot the next day, and we see a little sneak preview of her sexy red dress that makes it easy to flash those firm breasts of hers. The next morning she's up and ready to rock in her cute little purple panties and a tight black top, and is quite the morning person...we see her flash her boobs against the window to greet the city, then has a nice hearty breakfast. After fueling up she's ready to play, stripping nude and lounging on the bed rubbing her privates with her fingers and cupping her breast with her other hand...we see her find a glass toy and use it to penetrate herself, switching from the smaller end to the thicker end as she 'warms up'. Next we see her using a magic wand toy, and she uses it to masturbate to a strong natural orgasm while she satisfies her oral fixation by sucking a dildo at the same time. Note how creamy and wet her vagina becomes as she reaches a shuddering climax...the combination of oral and vibration ...
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FTV Milfs - Jewel

We meet beautiful elegant blonde Jewel in her living room enjoying a glass of wine...she's a sexy stunner whose husband is more than willing to join her on camera here on FTV MILFs! First though we are introduced to Jewel as she undresses, showing off and squeezing her large enhanced breasts. We're treated to a breast massage while she gets completely naked, showing every inch of her healthy fit figure...she's a vegetarian and exercises almost every day to keep herself fit and trim. While she waited for her husband to join her we see her using the vintage vibrator to 'warm up', buzzing her clitoris and bringing herself to a slow sensual orgasm. After a short break she heads upstairs and continues playing, using a magic wand vibrating toy this time to put on a show for her husband. He soon joins her and jumps right into the action, sliding inside her wetness with ease! The hubby was having some difficulties 'performing' though so she changed back to toys, using the magic wand and then getting fucked when he had the gumption. We see her giving a blowjob and then getting blindfolded to enjoy a little kinky penetration, then giving up for the time being and heading outside for some ...
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