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Nov 30READ FULL POSTFTV MILFS - SAVANNAH - Meet Savannah, a slender beautiful leggy brunette who we first meet as she goes through her laundry, looking at some of the outfits she brought for her shoot. She's wearing a sexy tight red dress that shows her fit athletic form, and she lifts up the dress to show that she doesn't have any panties on underneath (apparently she rarely wears them!) as she massages her tight butt. Soon she has her dress pulled up to her shoulders - we note the tan lines on her perky breasts - as she plays with her trimmed (but not shaved) pubic hairs and puffy vagina lips. Next we see her spreading her long legs, playing with her privates using her fingers which gets her so turned on she asks for a toy to continue. After being introduced to the vintage Vibraking toy she's all about those strong vibrations and it quickly brings her to a milky orgasm with very strong visible contractions! Next it's time for anal exploration as she uses her fingers for some butt play, penetrating herself before reaching again for some toys. She goes from a small metal buttplug to a slightly larger one, then experiments with using the Vibraking while keeping a plug in her butt which brought her to another, more intense orgasm. Next we see her in blue lingerie and high heels, sliding her hands over her body to give herself a hard breast massage and pulling her panties up between her vagina lips before rubbing herself with her fingers. She uses a much larger glass toy for penetration going as deep as possible, then moved to vibration again, this time using a black magic wand type toy to stimulate her clitoris bringing herself to yet another strong, intense natural orgasm. Next she heads back outdoors in her form-fitting red dress and black high heels looking sexy and sensual as she walks around and flashes in public, lifting up the hem of her dress - note no panties again! - and touching herself as she leans against a tree showing off before saying goodbye. She's had quite a wait but is finally able to make her FTV MILFs debut and she's looking amazing as she shares that toned sexy body with us!


Nov 24READ FULL POSTFTV MILFS - DANA - She's a gorgeous well-known pornstar with plenty of personality and a gorgeous mature look...when we meet up with Dana she's out in public talking about her harmonica-playing hair stylist as well as her upcoming 36th birthday as she gets her large breasts out in public for a little flashing fun! Next we see her head inside, wearing a yellow thong and rolling around in front of the fireplace giving herself a cameltoe and stretching out those long legs of hers. We see her demonstrate quite a unique talent, being able to take air into her butthole and out again with great control...then she uses her vaginal muscles to fuck herself with an inserted toy without using her hands at all before moving to her ass for anal penetration as well with vaginal gaping. We see her do a combination move with the toy in her butt and a magic wand type vibrator on her clit at the same time - note how wet the combination makes her private parts - , which brings her to a nice strong orgasm! Next it's all about more anal pleasure as she uses a large glass buttplug to stretch herself out, then an even larger one for deep penetration! After she takes a bit of a break to regain her strength we see her use the vintage vibrator along with a metal toy that she inserts to pleasure her g-spot during the clitoris stimulation...she makes fun of it at first but soon she gives in and it brings her to a squirting orgasm! Next we see her outside opening her dress to give a full frontal flash in public, spreading her legs on a bench to touch herself...with people walking by close enough to hear every word of their conversation. She's a boisterous pornstar who knows her body and knows what makes her own self tick, but even still she got to explore new things and have plenty of fun right here on FTV MILFs!


Nov 22READ FULL POSTFTV MILFS - SABRINA - Right away when we meet Sabrina we are struck by those big full firm breasts of hers as she puts on a little makeup in the bathroom! She's quite new in the adult industry having only done three other boy-girl hardcore shoots before...she's a beautiful, friendly, energetic redhead with big boobs and a perfect butt, not to mention a sweet smile. Next we see her outside in business attire and we notice those form-fitting pants that cling to every curve as she takes a few sexy selfies of her big boobs to send to her coworker! She doesn't mind getting nude in public and seems to enjoy the excitement of it...and speaking of excitement, she seems pretty excited about meeting up with Damon back at the 'office' it turns out she loves the idea of office roleplay and after discussing some paperwork for a few minutes things get hot and heavy as the two of them start kissing and caressing each other! Next they head upstairs to get down to some real 'work' as we see Sabrina unzipping Damon's pants to get her hands on his big cock, sucking him and sliding it between her breasts. He returned the pleasure with some oral attention as he tugged her panties down, then stood up to penetrate that wet hole. We see her getting more and more turned on as he fucks her and he only ups the ante as he pulls a pillow aside to reveal a surprise for her. It's the Vibraking toy, and the combination of vibration and penetration very quickly brings her to a strong squirting orgasm that gets all over the floor! From missionary to cowgirl to doggystyle she enjoys it all and gets fucked hard until Damon comes all over her ass from behind. Afterwards the two of them enjoyed a steamy shower to clean up which turned into a pussy fingering session that made her orgasm once again...being so new to the adult industry she was a little worried how things would go but as you can see she loved every second of it as she experienced an FTV style hardcore afternoon! ;).


READ FULL POSTFTV MILFS - OLIVIA - Olivia is an active beautiful sunny blonde with big breasts and a big attitude! We first meet her at an outdoor cafe where she walks up in her tight yoga pants to introduce herself, sipping her post-workout coffee and playing with her hair. We see she's pretty comfortable with public nudity, popping one boob out of her top as she relaxed and even licking her own nipple. Next we see her lounging outside the house on a comfortable deck chair in the nude (she prefers to be naked) as she talks about her sexual experiences and preferences. She describes herself as a bit of a 'closet freak' and talks about her experiences with anal sex and BDSM among other things before requesting a vibrating toy...and it's none other than the Vibraking itself! She wanted penetration as well so we see her using a purple vibrating rabbit toy at the same time as the Vibraking, enjoying the sensations on her clitoris and her asshole at the same time which very quickly bring her to her first orgasm of the day, and shortly thereafter we see her second! Note how wet she is down there aftewards, with visible contractions as she spreads her inner lips. Next it's time for some anal exploration as she inserts a big glass toy in her butt, penetrating herself while using a pink vibrator on her clitoris at the same time, then moving from the glass toy to a softer blue dildo. Next we see her get a bit kinky, using a huge pink bubble wand for penetration before pulling her labia out and stretching them wide for fun. Afterwards we see a hard breast massage as she plays with her big soft boobs, rubbing and squeezing and slapping them around as well as licking her own nipples, shaking her butt and her boobs for us. This beautiful blonde has just the right amount of curves on her sexy form and she loves to show them off here, introducing us all to her special brand of sexuality on FTV MILFs!


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FTV Milfs - Bella
HDmilffree trailer

We meet curvy dark haired hottie Bella as she's walking down the highway in her tight blue jeans, and we immediately note that sexy round juicy booty of hers...she looks good in her tight jeans and knows it, as do the drivers passing by especially when she pulls up her white top to show off her big firm breasts! Next we see her inside having a little snack of a fish sandwich and some fries to keep her from getting cranky...apparently she needed some energy for her upcoming shoot. After lunch we see Bella showing off her boobs, squeezing them together and then pulling her jeans down to play with her butt to show how squeezable and firm and juicy it is. Next she started things off with some fingering, penetrating herself and rubbing her ...

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FTV Milfs - India
HDmilffree trailer

India Summer jogs into her shoot here on the beach on a windy day and already we see her daring spirit as she flashes her breasts in full view of the other beachgoers, doing some sandy yoga in her tight stretchy workout pants. We see she has an admirer, as well...we see Donnie peeking over a sand dune to watch her stretches, then come up behind to get a closer look! Back at his place we see India sitting in his lap as they chat, and soon they're going from talking to kissing which leads shortly to Donnie giving her pussy plenty of oral attention. We see her give him some oral pleasure of his own before he penetrated her wet hole, with India stimulating her clitoris at the same time with her fingers. The two of them both enjoy sex in a big ...

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FTV Milfs - Audrey
HDmilffree trailer

We first meet pixie cut cutie Audrey in a public parking garage as she pulls up her little dress to reveal her nudity...she's got a unique look to her and we see her massaging her breasts, pulling on her nipples and enjoying the breeze on her skin. She's a shy dark haired cutie with a kinky side, and this is her first time doing a solo shoot! Next we see just how daring she can get, flashing in front of some workers as they do construction on a house...and getting caught too! Next we see her using a finger to penetrate herself anally on a balcony - note the nearby traffic sounds - using one and then several fingers before she started attracting too much attention from the public. Next we see her using a glass toy for penetration, taking it ...

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FTV Milfs - Synthia
HDmilffree trailer

Synthia is a beautiful tattooed blonde with a slim fit figure and stunning face who was originally going to be doing a boy-girl hardcore scene, but as things turned out she had to do things solo (well almost solo). We meet Synthia as she unpacks, looking sexy in her gray dress and high heels and showing off some of the other things she brought for her FTV shoot. Next she relaxes on the couch, spreading her dress (and legs) to play with herself using her fingers - note how swollen her clitoris gets as she stimulates herself - as she talks about how often she masturbates in her personal life, including in public! Next we see her playing while she has a photoshoot before getting a toy...namely a jeweled plug which she inserts anally before ...

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FTV Milfs - Alexis
HDmilffree trailer

She's a beautiful, sensual and openly friendly blonde with a fit tight Alexis Malone! We meet Alexis on a sunny morning as she unpacks, going through her panties and choosing some things she'd like to try on. She is wearing her workout clothes, and mentions that she tries to work out at least 3 or 4 times a week which explains her tight strong athletic body. We see her stretch out and slip out of her stretch pants and sports bra, laying on the couch to tease her clit and pleasure her pretty pink privates with her fingertips - and note how wet she gets down there - before grabbing a magic wand toy to really play. She gradually increases the speed of the toy until it's at maximum, which brings her to a very strong natural orgasm! ...

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FTV Milfs - Sovereign
HDmilffree trailer

She's a gorgeous mature woman with an exhibitionist streak, and is ready to have some fun! We meet up with beautiful brunette Sovereign Syre as she relaxes on a warm summer day in a thin flowing dress...she loves the thrill of possibly getting caught being naughty in public and isn't wearing any panties, which she shows as she spreads her legs and starts playing with her privates right on a public bench! She talks about her masturbation habits and apparently she plays with herself sometimes 4 or 5 times a day, basically whenever she's bored or horny or...just whenever. After playing in public a bit - note how confident she is as she lets her dress down to reveal her large breasts as she walks around - she finds a little more privacy in a ...

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FTV Milfs - Lexi
HDmilffree trailer

Meeting beautiful statuesque blonde Lexi she immediately stands out from the crowd, especially when she pulls her shirt down to reveal her large breasts in public! She's a Welsh beauty who loves to show off and has a magnetic charismatic personality to go along with her amazing mature voluptuous body (and cute accent). From daring public flashing by a busy street she heads to the park so she can still enjoy the sunshine on her skin without feeling QUITE so exposed. We see her flashing some more, using a water fountain to spray herself down a bit on a hot day while cars drive past and then taking a hike while flashing every chance she got. Next we see her inside wearing some dark classy lingerie, playing with her breasts and showing off her ...

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FTV Milfs - Inna
HDmilffree trailer

Meeting up with Greek beauty Inna in a public outdoor office area the first thing we notice is how amazing her sexy fit body looks in her stretchy top and tight skirt! The next thing is probably her gorgeous smile, you can immediately see that she's got a fun, magnetic, charismatic personality in everything she does. Inna is a stunning Greek MILF who is experiencing many things for the first time in this shoot, including daring public nudity! After some flashing and getting completely naked, there was a close call with some cars and we see Inna indoors with no panties on, and she talks about her large and sensitive clitoris which she fingers and teases. Next she wants to use a toy so she hops up on the cushion to show off ...

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